Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My civic duty is also to say no....

Yesterday I managed to get myself kicked out of jury duty, thankfully, though it did come with quite the temper from the judge.

I googled 'how to get out of jury duty' and found tons of web sites dedicated to tips on getting out of jury duty. I realized I hadn't been in a similar situation that the defendant was being charged with (a rather humorous thing, though gross and pervy), nor was I willing to make something up. I didn't want to go in with some instant radical belief (religion, racism, homophobia, etc.) that I do not personally possess, so what could I do? Be honest. And so I was. Said a few magical words that made me toxic to any prosecutor and legal aide in their right mind. Interrupting the judge a few times didn't hurt either. And in the grand scape of things, I was completely honest and straightforward with my disdain for the situation. Though I did have to receive an earfull from the unsatisfied judge who was unsuccessful at forcing his opinions on me or getting me to change mine. I had to sit there and take it, all the while thinking, 'Good, he's pissed, I'm getting myself the fuck out of here.' A few minutes and a sidebar later, I was dismissed--with a lecture of course. I walked out of the courtroom rather happy for being able to talk my way out of jury duty by being completely honest.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


While getting ready for tonight's performance, I stood up too quickly at the makeup table and hit my thigh really hard against it, resulting in a beautiful, huge bruise that appeared in mere seconds. Now it just hurt-hurts.

Standing in the wings was like lost in translation. What was going on? Who knows.

People annoy the shit out of me and I annoy the shit out of people. It's just how it is. Table poachings, ridiculous food searches, ridiculous food in general, and thigh bruises. My day comprised of all this. And a performance.

I think tomorrow will be my last day of work. My goal was to make $160 to make up for the stupid shit I bought. Employee discount my ass. Which reminds me, today I asked Sierra, "you know how I know the people I work with are lame?" and she responded, without delay, "because you work at Abercrombie & Fitch?" Which wasn't going to be my answer at all, but heck, why argue that one?

We were talking about our funerals. Well, we designed each other's funeral should one of us outlive the other. Here's how I planned hers: AHS DT members past and present show up in uniform and have a drill down. Instead of pictures of her around the coffin, there would be pictures of Panic! At the Disco, her favorite band. And for music, bagpipes playing 'Scotty Doesn't Know', the themesong from 'Eurotrip'. Oh, and her sister riding a unicycle whilst juggling chickens. My funeral? A mime re-enacting my death, a balloon artist, circus music, and what all funerals need, a bouncer. Which is where my 'shit list' comes in handy.

I can't stand Pasadena anymore. It seems like there is construction going on EVERYWHERE. Just yesterday I was watching the news, and one of the construction sites on Delacey collapsed into the street. Guess I'm not driving myself to work tomorrow.

This weekend marks parties. On Saturday, I agreed to attend a family reunion on my father's side, which consists of pretty much no one I know. But there will be food. I keep telling myself, I shall be gorgeously fed. I'm not sure if they're from Mexico or not....? Then the weekend follows with Petra and Lucia's birthdays. I don't feel like buying gifts, as I'm feeling incredibly stingy these days. Well, I'm moving to London in about two weeks, and my dollar is worth only half a pound, which explains the stinginess. And then there's that bitch thing that could explain it, too.

Haha, Carlye had a good one. She asked Sierra, 'Is my hair messed up? If it is, will you be mean?' Sierra said, 'No, if it's messed up, I'll help you fix it.' I said, 'If it's messed up, I'd be mean.' Carlye said, 'I know. That's why I didn't ask you', to which I responded, 'Nicely executed.'

My general lack of compassion for humanity is becoming all the more apparent now. Or maybe I really just can't stand Pasadena.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Counting down the days

Three more weeks until I head out to London for a year. I'm obviously very excited to go, but a bit scared, too. I think it should be good. Fortunately, dance has given me the opportunity to travel, and this is another one of them.

My days in Southern California are winding down.

Tomorrow is my last performance with the company, though I'm not actually in the company anymore, but it's a piece I know well and have been asked to be apart of, which I am happy to be. Last Southern California performance, for a while at least. Who knows.

I guess I could comment on the two reality tv shows I watch. 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Talent competitions at opposite ends---one, a world I know, the other, a world I know nothing about but love to see.

It seems I can't get enough of HK. Mostly because Gordon Ramsay refers to contestants as 'right bitches', 'cows', and 'fuckers'. I love it. I have no idea what the hell is going on half the time, or what any of the terminology means. Heck, I don't even care what they're cooking. It's just pure entertainment I can watch with little or no scrutiny at all, because I really know nothing about the culinary world, except that I love to eat. Mindless entertainment.

'So You Think You Can Dance' on the other hand, I can't watch without scrutiny or opinion. The show just drives me insane. It's a guilty pleasure for me and most people I know. We can't stand it, but we love it. To me, the show is a stylized version of one of those dance team/studio team competitions I used to *gasp* go to. I do respect the dancers though, for the amount of choreography they have to learn each week, and for admirably taking on different styles of dance they've never done before. I know I could never pull off most of that stuff. I think what irks me most is the way they portray the dancers. Each dancer is assigned a style, i.e. 'contemporary dancer', 'ballroom dancer', 'hip hop dancer', etc. when clearly some contestants defy catergorization. And others, well, they don't seem to look all that great in their given catergory. Moving along, I hate the way they're making Danny look. I've seen him dance before with ABT and have met him and he's quite nice. Though I don't know him personally, I think it's unfair for him to be branded as 'arrogant' or anything of the sort. He just exudes more discipline than obnoxiousness and carries himself professionally. He probably won't win though, since personality seems to dominate more than talent. Which is why we are constantly reminded it's a competition to find America's 'favorite' dancer.